Community to make money playing video games

We are creating opportunities for the 26M young people who are neither working nor studying through a profit sharing model on which the gamer makes money based on their results.
We are an alternative to the Universal Basic Income because we are finding new types of digital jobs where people can make 4 times the minimum wage by playing video games.

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Community to make
money creating art

Create your first NFT (Non fungible token) and launch your digital career with us:


You send your digital art. We curate and choose the digital artist to sponsor.


Sign an agreement and we decide together the topic of your first NFT


We mint your creation, transform the piece & launch your first NFT.

Get Pay

We pay you in your local or crypto currency. Whatever you prefer.

We promote!

We promote your work through digital and physical fairs around the world.

What Latino Artist Say


"Life is more fun with a
little drama"


"Thank you very much for believing in me !!!! A thousand thanks ❤️❤️❤️"


"The greatest satisfaction is connecting with so many people"

Community to
Learn more about NFTs

We are publishing content in spanish demonstrating the different opportunities that the Metaverse is offering.
We are publishing short videos explaining NFTs, minting, collections, Avatars, artists and other use cases with NFTs. We publish 3 videos per week to create a library for enthusiasts and incentivize them to launch their NFT careers.

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Building opportunities with NFTs
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